Tokyo has been Japans capital since 1868 and is the worlds largest city. It is a busy city with a distinctive character. A rich blend of old Japanese traditions with cutting-edge technology. It is a city that has to be experienced there is nothing similar to Tokyo! Have you seen the movie Lost in Translation and you will understand the cultural difference that awaits you when visiting the city. But its also what makes the city so wonderfully special. Tokyo residents are usually very friendly, curious and helpful. Many are very trendy and they are really into their style, be it pop, punk and reggae. The food in Tokyo is a story in itself, the shopping is of exceptionally high quality. Here is everything!

About Tokyo

The multi-million city of Tokyo is a metropolis in every sense and is full of contrasts. Along the neon-lit main streets teem with life, movement, and skyscrapers. On the smaller side streets are peaceful temples and a beautiful tranquil times. The city upgraded all the time and the 35 million inhabitants over by events.

Tokyo is BIG

Tokyo is divided into 23 wards. The population is about 8.7 million people, but about 2 million more people live outside of Tokyo and commute every day into his work in the city. In the whole of Greater Tokyos population figure of 35 million. The city is located on Japans east coast and affected every year by typhoons during the two rainy seasons.

Known for its skyscrapers

Tokyo is world famous as a city of skyscrapers, the latest technology and the younger population subcultures. Over the years, Tokyo is also noted for national sport sumo wrestling, the worlds second largest financial center and to host the Summer Olympics 1964.